Saturday, November 20, 2010

Best day evar

I had a really really good day.  I went shopping this morning and picked up my very first clothes of my very own, and first makeup.  It was a great experience, and I'm super proud of myself, happy to have my new clothes, and happy that my wife was ok with it.

I tried my clothes on later in the morning when I got a chance, and almost cried.  I was really able to see myself.  My clothes fit really well considering my inexperience and hastiness.  My shirt looked really good on me.  My jeans were a little big, but they fit.  And they were a super good bargain (on sale, and then they run up even cheaper than marked!) so I'm forgiving.  My body lines looked so good and curvy.  It was just a wonderful, wonderful feeling.  It was the first time I've felt really disappointed about going back to boy-mode.

My wife has been really understanding all day.  I think she's finding some peace with it.  She confided today that her worry is less about me being a girl, and more about not being a guy.  There's lots of things about me being a guy that she loves and doesn't want to give up.  That makes sense to me, and is easier for me to deal with than her not liking my female side.

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